Flower Decoration

Welcome to the era of Flower Decoration

In every wedding ceremony flowers play an important role. Flower gives a new and fresh dimension to the wedding décor. Indian wedding is full of elaborate rituals. And mostly all of the pre wedding rituals take place at home.

So in that case home décor is very important and for that flowers are used for different styles. Flower decoration depends on your budget. But If you have in theme or color scheme for the wedding ceremony than the color of the flower should match your color scheme or theme.



But if you want to give a rare and exclusive look than you can opt for expensive and exclusive flowers . Fresh flowers like roses, orchid, marigold, gerberas, etc. can enhance the overall appearance of the traditional and ethnic look. If you want to give a western look, to your décor than the fresh flowers, which are used are mostly carnations, baby roses or lilies or orchid. You can choose different style and floral arrangements for the décor. Depending on your budget the florist will work out innovative floral arrangements. Coordinate the color of the theme with the color of the flowers. The flowers selected by you sets the mood for your wedding day.

Colors Effects


For fall wedding go for rich, bright and earthy colors like red, burgundy, amber, yellow and rust. For summer go for light and pastel shades like pink, sky blue, citrus tone and for winter go for an evergreen effect, white and sparkling silver. It is good to use seasonal flowers as it sets the mood for the celebration .