Light & Music

Welcome to the era of Light & Music

Lighting is another very important factor in the implementation of a theme , be it 'diyas 'or perfumed candles floating in the pool ,bonfires or the old fashioned gas lanterns,and the ultra modernpyrotechnic lights.

We are the best of best Wedding Lights service providers that are adept at understanding your requirements and decorate your house, venue and shaadi mandap. We provide information about the experts in the field for sound light, special appearance lighting for stage etc.

Lighting Your Wedding


Lighting your wedding should be as carefully thought out as any other part of the day. You have chosen your dress, your shoes, the table decorations, the reception venue and every last detail to make your wedding as unique and personalised as you can. In other words, you have controlled the environment to make it as good as possible for your guests. But who is controlling the light? When your guests walk in to your reception and see the tables for the first time you want them to experience the ‘Wow’ factor. Lighting the venue can make all the difference but it must be done correctly and ‘fairy’ lights hanging from the ceiling and wrapped around pillars are out.

External lighting


Don’t forget the outside of your venue, most venues have some great features that can be lit, such as trees, walk ways and not forgetting the building itself.We can supply floods lights in any colour, fairy lights and our unique free standing festoon strings.